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iPad Mini File Transfer tool to transfer iPad Mini files.
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iPad Mini To PC Transfer Software To Create Backup Of iPad Mini Files

iPad mini is the latest and best product of the Apple. It is the latest generation of the iPad device. iPad mini has fabulous features, gadgets, utility tools and many more extra thing. The features of the iPad mini is beyond of your thoughts. Apple has included many more amazing features in this small and nice looking device. This device is very affordable for the users. Now, it has become the choice of the every iPad lovers.

We store many types of files in iPad mini hard drive. Some it become necessary to transfer iPad files like SMS and many other from PC to iPad mini or from iPad mini to PC. Apple provides a free utility tool called iTunes to perform the transfer process between iPad mini and PC. But this tool become unable to transfer your iPad mini file or it transfer at very slow speed. Some time it also happens that your data get collapsed or may be destroyed if you transfer your files by using iTunes.

To solve these all problems and transfer your iPad files in easy way a software comes named as iPad Mini File Transfer software. This software is the best software to perform iPad Mini File Mac Transfer process and also iPad mini file to PC Transfer process. The software is designed by using high quality of algorithms and by using it you can easily transfer your iPad mini files to PC and create backup of important files like contact. One of the best features of this software is that when you transfer your file it automatically creates a backup of your PC. In any situation if you lost your files then you may restore it from the backup file of this software.

Key features of the software :-

  • Transfer your all audio, video files from iPad mini to PC and also from PC to iPad mini at very high speed
  • It also provides security of your data
  • Your File will not be collapsed and
  • Works with all of the versions of windows OS and also with the all of the versions of mac OS
  • Includes a user friendly GUI
  • Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, etc including iPad mini

So, if you have to also perform iPad Mini File Mac Transfer process and also iPad mini file to PC Transfer process then use this software and perform your task in easy and safest way.


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User Guide For Windows : iPad Mini File Transfer

Step :- 1 Download and install the software on your windows system.

Step :- 2 Connect your ipad to your windows system.

Step :- 3 Select the ipad files that you want to take backup

Step :- 4 Finally click on Export-Export to local available in the file menu or you can also directly click on the export checked files to local button

Step :- 5 Select the desired location where you want to save the file and click on Save.